Deeper Dating Workshops

Deeper Dating Workshop Overview:

The 12-Week, Virtual Deeper Dating Workshop is a chance to actively explore and engage with Ken Page’s innovative approach to dating in a small group setting. This extended course is great for individuals who want to embark on a journey of relationship and self-discovery in an intimate group and have the shared experience of doing exercises in the book with a Learning Partner.

Using Deeper Dating as a vehicle for this exploration, individuals will have the opportunity to reflect on the material in the book, share their experiences of real life application, difficulties, and ways to move forward. This experience is geared toward individuals who want to actively participate with the group, put in the effort to stay with the course, and jump start their own dating lives and relationships with the support of a Deeper Dating Mentor, certified by Ken Page in June 2019.


What it includes:

This online live 12-Week series (following the 12 chapters in Deeper Dating) launches every 4 months with new groups. Individuals who commit to a 12-week program will be asked to carve out time for this journey and actively participate so that all members can get a thorough handle on the material, contribute to the conversations, and experience the joys and pitfalls of real life application.

This course is designed to turn theory into practice!

Feel safely supported and your love life magically transformed!

Course includes:

- 1.5 hour meeting weekly with the group for 12 weeks following the chapters in the book Deeper Dating.

- An intimate community of four people to share the experience.

- Practical application of the ideas presented through sharing with one other person the Learning Partner Exercises.

- Emails with me between sessions if desired.

- The opportunity to customize a meeting schedule that works for the group.

- A safe place to be your authentic self so you can identify and shift long-held patterns that either embrace love or push it away.

Starting Mid-November

Price: $600

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“Our task in the intimacy journey is to find relationships that essentially feel right in the ways that matter most.”